Approximately 80% of Asian Americans say they do not feel respected and are discriminated against in the U.S.

We also found that the vast majority of Black Americans and Hispanic/Latino Americans feel mistreated. By contrast, 20% of white Americans report feeling discriminated against.

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Significant numbers of Americans are unaware of increased attacks against Asian Americans.

Despite the recent news coverage, 37% of white Americans remain unaware of the increase in assaults, hate crimes, or other forms of racism against Asian Americans during the past 12 months.

Share of Americans who are not aware of increased incidents of hate crimes.
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The number of Americans who say anti-Asian American racism isn’t a problem that should be addressed. This number is even higher for respondents who identify as Republican.

The classic Asian American stereotypes—the “model minority,” “perpetual foreigner,” and “yellow peril”— persist as toxic myths in the U.S. today.

When asked to provide three adjectives to describe Asian Americans, respondents used words that were highly consistent with stereotypes that have been used to describe Asian Americans for over 50 years.

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While Asian Americans are significantly under-represented in senior positions in companies, politics, and media, nearly 50% of non-Asian Americans believe Asian Americans are fairly or over-represented.

Share of Americans who say Asian Americans are overrepresented or fairly represented in senior positions within American companies, politics, media, etc.

Americans struggle to name prominent Asian Americans, despite several being in the news this year.

When you think of prominent Asian Americans, what specific names come to mind, if any?
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